Premium Beautiful Promo: Happy Mother's Day!

05 May 2012

1-custom fit size, regardless what shape u are
2-no expiry date
3-life time warranty
4-servicing n fixing forever FREE
5-RM2mil insured per corset

6-Superbrands award
7-Certified by American Chiropractic Association
8- specially design to never roll over ur bumpy fats structure, instead it will transform u into sleek and elegant shape

9-and there's no limitation in movements; wear it for solat, exercise, everyday life, it is just like ur second skin. Instead, it is better because it has FIR in it!!

10-70% healthy, 30% beauty
With all the uniqueness listed above, Premium Beautiful is definitely an exclusive corset.
So do our mommies.
They are so special and exclusive even when they throw anything into the pots, it will turn out great and fulfilling. 

And because of this one special day that we are celebrating it, I, of course wouldn't want to miss engraving it to my calender, so i've decided to make a special promotion just for Mother's Day

For the 1st 7 person to buy/ booked the corset 
(booking fees required) today, each of u are entitled of 1 special FREE gift from me! =)

So how much u'll be saved? u do the MATH!

So don't miss this amazing opportunity, hurry n get ur PB corset today! 

Promo ends at 12 midnight of Mother's Day

With all my heart, Happy Mother's Day Mommies! You are simply the best!!

Sue: 013-2358550

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