Calling all Johorian!

27 April 2012

Salam ladies! (and gentlemen :D)

I'll be in Johor for next 5 days
(28 April 2012 till 2 May 2012)

Contact me for appointments, or anything about Premium Beautiful!


Insya Allah we'll make this work!!  ;)
Together Everyone Achive More! 



2 lovely comments ♥:

  1. Nurul said...:

    kak sue singgah utm tak? fiza ppi :)

    nurul afiqah nak tau pasal premium beauty..
    tp belum ada duit.

    ni no kita 013&%$((!$

  1. Suriyani Basri said...:

    boleh je! Nanti sis pm u ya :-)

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